SPG and USAir Audience Rewards

22 November, 2011

1 – True or False? Both of the lead actors in Bonnie and Clyde have previously been in Broadway shows. True
2 – Patti Lupone’s first Tony nomination was for what show? The Robber Bridegroom
3 – The musical director of Godspell also was the music director for which of the following shows: Next to Normal
4 – True or False? Seminar is making its world premiere on Broadway. True
5 – In Spider-man: Turn Off the Dark, the Green Goblin dies by falling off what? The Chrysler Building

US Airways
1 – In Spider-man: Turn Off the Dark, Arachne becomes what to Spiderman? His Guardian
2 – True or False? Patti Lupone has never taken part in a repertory series on Broadway. False
3 – What performer in Godspell also wrote a musical that played on Broadway? Nick Blaimere
4 – Jeff Calhoun was an “unbilled choroegraphic consultant” for what Broadway show? Taboo
5 – Jerry O’Connell gained fame as a child for starring in what movie? Stand By Me
6 – When was the Walter Kerr theatre built? 1921


USAir Audience Rewards

8 November, 2011

1. Which of the following casts did NOT make a recording of The Lion King? London Cast
2. True or False? Brooke Shields has not yet originated a role in a Broadway show. True
3. True or False? The original Broadway company’s Jerry Lee Lewis cast member is still in the show Off Broadway. False
4. Frank Wildhorn wrote a few songs that appeared in a popular Broadway musical that was not primarily his show. What was that musical? Victor/Victoria
5. What is Seminar considered to be? A comedy
6. What song in Billy Elliot has a different name in the US productions from what it had in the UK production? He Could Be a Star

USAir Audience Rewards Trivia

27 October, 2011

Constantine Maroulis is from where? New York
The original Spiderman comics were written by whom? Stan Lee & Steve Ditko
The women in Lysistrata Jones are what? Cheerleaders
In what year did the movie version of The Lion King come out? 1994
True or False? None of the three Billy Elliot’s in the original production had ever been in the London production. False
What was the first show that Rob Ashford directed on Broadway? Promises, Promises

Audience Rewards Trivia and USAir

13 October, 2011

Well it seems USAir has resumed their participation in the Audience Rewards trivia.  I am not certain about this but I do not believe that the miles earned from trivia questions will count towards the Grand Slam promotion unfortunately.  If anyone knows differently please let me know either by e-mail or as a comment.

Here are the current USAir questions and answers:

The main issue at the heart of Memphis is based on what topic? Racism
True or False? The Mountaintop marks Angela Bassett’s debut on Broadway. False
True or False? The Marquis Theatre is NOT decorated throughout to look like a run down, about to be torn-down theatre for the current production of Follies. False
In Avenue Q, Christmas Eve’s character is what ethnicity? Asian
Besides Relatively Speaking, what other Broadway show has actor Steve Guttenberg been in? Prelude to a Kiss

Audience Rewards

9 August, 2011

Okay, okay… this is about miles and other travel related points and such… so who cares about points for Broadway shows and other theatre stuff?  You do!

Let me explain why you care… because in addition to gaining showpoints… you also have the ability to earn USAir or Delta miles or Starwood Starpoints.  This can be done two ways… either by actually buying show tickets in certain cities (currently only; New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, Charlotte and Durham participate) or through answering trivia questions.  Granted the trivia questions will get you maybe 10 points or miles a week but it is is good way to prevent your miles from expiring.  Also if you are into theatre shows in those cities you could also use the show points for tickets and discounts instead of miles if you prefer.

Here are the links:




What are some good free ways to get miles?

14 January, 2011

Many people know about getting miles from credit cards and of course from actually flying but there are other ways to get miles for free as well. 

Online Shopping

One of the most common is through online shopping.  Many airlines have online shopping malls where you enter in your flyer number and use their special link in order to earn miles per $ you spend.  For example you can earn 2 miles per $ you spend at Walmart.com if you do it through the AAdvantage e shopping link.  Air Canada, Continental, USAir, United, Delta, Cathay Pacific and many others also have shopping portals like this.  The miles are essentially free (assuming you were going to spend the money on the stuff you order anyway)


So far, AA and US have released toolbars to download which offer miles for using their search feature.  For every 3 searches you earn 1 mile up to a maximum of 100 miles per month.  The two toolbars mentioned here (also linked on this page) also help with online shopping so that you do not always have to use a link but the toolbar itself will help you get mileage credit.  Not every merchant allows this though, so sometimes you must still use the links.  In addition to the airline toolbars, the Bing Rewards toolbar gives Bing points for searches and various other things.  While these do not help with earning miles for shopping, the points can be exchanged for American miles at present.  For all of you thinking that you can just get the toolbar and make 300 searches in about an hour to get all the miles… think again, the toolbar uses some formula to determine if you are actually using it for searching or trying to game the system.  It will not award miles if you have an irregular search pattern.

Club Bing

Club Bing is a game website which awards tickets for playing various games.  The whole thing seems to be a huge excuse for Microsoft to increase its search traffic because you must search in order to complete many of the games but the games can be quite fun and the tickets can be exchanged for miles on American, Delta, USAir, Alaska Airlines, Frontier and Hawaiian.  You can earn a maximum of 11,100 miles this way to be all on one airline or split up between them in various denominations.  If you are really obsessed you could play the games and get the required tickets in about a month but for the rest of us it will take a while.  If you search on the internet there are various ways to cheat and bot the website but I cannot recommend this because if Microsoft figures this out you will never get the prizes you redeem the tickets for.  In addition to miles, the tickets can be used for all sorts of things such as books, jackets, digital cameras and netbooks.

Dining Programmes

This has had various names over time including Rewards Network and iDine.  I not think the name matters much but the programme itself is quite useful.  After registering your credit or debit card you will earn miles (or points, or cash back or various things) for every dollar you spend at participating restaurants.  This is offered by AA, USAir, Delta, Alaska, United and Southwest.  You can also earn PC or Hilton Points if you wish or even college loan savings contributions.  They all work on the same basic system, you sign up, register the card(s) and earn 3 miles per $ for the first 10 dines and then 5 miles per $ after.  From time to time they have bonuses as well which help miles rack up.

Thanks Again

Thanks Again is a bit like the dining programme but it works with dry cleaning, golfing and a few other places as well as an online shopping mall like the airlines have.  This is available for United, Delta, USAir, Continental and Alaska Airlines.  Instead of miles you can also decide to earn American Express gift cards.  For a while, if you “like” them in Facebook you would get 100 miles for free.  I am not sure if this is still happening though.

Opinion Place

For those interested in American AAdvantage miles, Opinion Place allows you to earn between 50 and 150 miles for surveys.  Qualifying is not always easy so you could go months without getting anything but you never know.  If you have too many miles you can also opt for Paypal credits or AOL credits.


This is somewhat like Opinion Place except you must be invited to participate.  Getting an E-Rewards invite is not terribly difficult if you are signed up for one of the participating programmes.  After getting invited you answer a bunch of questions about your preferences and such so it can find surveys to match your interests.  Unlike Opinion Place, if you do not qualify you still get some bit of reward, it is not huge but it is nice.  I will not list them all here but some of the partners include Priority Club, USAir, Hilton, Continental, La Quinta and Virgin Atlantic.


E-Miles is sort of a survey site but also gives miles for buying or doing certain things.  For example you may answer some questions for how soon you plan to buy a car for 5 miles but if you buy something from company A or donate to charity B you can earn extra miles.  I suppose if you are really into it you could earn quite a few miles but for the totally free ones you will probably get about 1,000 miles per year.  It is available for Frontier, USAir, Continental, Delta, Hilton, AirTran and Alaska Airlines.  You can sign up for multiple programmes if you use a different email address for each one.

This is all for the intro for now.  As I find other ways I will add some new descriptions

Last Day of 2010, What New Plans for 2011

31 December, 2010

As 2010 comes to an end it might be good to review what bonuses I was able to get over the course of the year and what might help all of you in the next year.  Before I get emails and such telling me about all the stuff I missed, let me say this is a blog for the beginner.  I know I missed many things and I am getting better at it but I am not a pro yet so give it time.  We have to be patient before we can all get tonnes of miles.

American Airlines

Nothing huge, only the normal miles from flying, using my Mastercard and the dining programme.  in addition to these I have done almost all of my shopping through the AAdvantage shopping mall to gain miles that way too.  I do expect more in the next year when I get to take advantage of the 100,000 mile bonus from the business visa card.  With the travel to Brazil I will be doing next year this should also bring in loads of miles here since AA is my main airline now.


25,000 miles from the Chase bank account offer.  Mileathon is also coming back next year.  I skipped it last year because I figured Continental miles were useless to me but now that they are combining with United that is no longer so.  If anyone wants to get the new Continental Mastercard from Chase, it may be a good idea to wait for Mileathon to begin before doing that.


Yes I know, they have been US Airways for years now but that just takes too long to write.  The Grand Slam promotion netted about 98,000 miles in bonus and in the miles that came with the activities.  Not sure if it will happen again next year but if it does I will be on board for sure.

Priority Club

With all of the promotions this year I ended up getting nearly 100,000 points and that does not count the Crack the Case promotion which is not over yet.  PC points are incredibly easy to come by by both staying and not staying.  I have not found them to be a good deal though unless they are used for PointsBreak rewards in which case they are invaluable.

AAdvantage and Dividend Miles Toolbars

7 December, 2010

I know I have been missing for a while but I hope that people continue to read now that I will be updating much more than I was before.


First, I have been checking out these search toolbars for earning miles.  They are not terribly efficient but they do seem to be a good way to prevent miles from expiring and they seem to be excellent for making sure miles are awarded for shopping online.  I have been using the one for American Airlines (or AAdvantage E-Shopping Toolbar as it is officially called) since June or so.  It has been good and I have earned a few miles with it.  Unfortunately though, something has gone horribly wrong since early November and getting it to credit miles for searching is quite difficult.  It is very inconsistent and I have been corresponding with the Vesdia people to get it fixed but no luck so far.

In addition to American, USAir has been getting in on this strategy as well, found here.  It is done by exactly the same company and you can get 500 bonus dividend miles just for signing up.  As I said before, it is not the most effective way to earn miles but it could be useful for getting an extra 100 or so.  Hey it is free, it is hard to complain about that.

USAir Grand Slam and Priority Club Crack the Case Promotions

3 September, 2010

I am rather excited about the USAir promotion going on.  There seem to be alot of ways to get bonus points without a ton of expense on my part.  I will definately not get the top 36 hits to get the 100,000 miles but I may be able to get a good 20,000 or 40,000 out of it.  Hey… every little bit helps, especially if it is for stuff I was going to get anyway.  The guys over at Flyertalk have worked out a rather good tracking spreadsheet and have found some of the cheapest ways to get hits for the promotion.  I am not sure some of them are worth the expense though even if only $50 or so, unless I was planning to rent a car or stay in a hotel anyway.

Priority Club also sent me a postcard today saying that I was selected (it seems I actually was selected because it is targeted not just sent to everyone) where I can earn 202,000 bonus points if I complete various tasks like complete a survery, subscribe to emails, stay 2 brands, sign up for their credit card, etc…  except for the credit card I will probably make them all so I will be looking forward to 125,000 bonus points sometime soon.

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