Delta Skymiles Debit Card from SunTrust

24 December, 2012

Back in June or so; SunTrust has a promotion where you would earn 30,000 miles for use of a debit card.  While promotions like this exist regularly for credit cards, debit cards which earn miles are quickly disappearing (muchless have generous bonuses) due to the Durbin Amendment from the Dodd Frank Financial Reform Act.  As a result, I jumped on this quite fast.  I did not just get the miles and run, I have still been using the card.  I never realised how much I use a debit card until now.  I am not sure how long this will last but I have a reward I am close to and SunTrust will get me there faster than e-miles or Audience Rewards will.


Audience Rewards Delta Questions

26 March, 2012
1.The director of the current revival of Evita is also the artistic director of what theatre?
Donmar Warehouse
2.All but which of the following people appeared in the movie version of Newsies?
Val Kilmer
3.Dave Stewart of the Ghost writing team worked with what 80’s group?
4.A cover of what Four Seasons song was on pop radio stations in the last few years?
5.What’s the name of the song/dance that Roxie and Velma perform at the end of Chicago?
Hot Honey Rag

Audience Rewards Delta Questions

8 January, 2012

Who will be starring in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying for most of January? Darren Criss
The composer brothers behind much of Mary Poppins were twins. False
The book writer of Ghost is sometimes credited as a completely different name in his screenplays and books. True
End of the Rainbow is about what performing legend? Judy Garland
Chinglish is about a character wanting to open a new business in China. True

Delta Audience Rewards

22 November, 2011
  • For what show did Alan Rickman receive a Tony nomination?Private Lives
  • Which of the following is the correct way to spell this Broadway star’s name: Patti Lupone
  • What actress was sidelined from some of the previews and the opening night of Godspell due to an injury? Morgan James
  • The opening song of Spider-man: Turn off the Dark is about which character? Arachne
  • The director of Bonnie and Clyde also directed which of these other shows on Broadway? All of the Above
  • (20 miles) Approximately how many minutes of The Lion King were cut from the show in 2010? 9 minutes

Delta Audience Rewards

8 November, 2011

1. What is the last song of Act 1 in Rock of Ages? Here I Go Again (20 points)
2. Besides Bonnie and Clyde, what other Frank Wildhorn show had elements of country and folk music in it? The Civil War
3. Which of the following movies was Alan Rickman NOT in? The Remains of the Day
4. True or False? Daniel Radcliffe has not yet been nominated for a Tony Award. True
5. What city does Million Dollar Quartet play, besides NYC, in terms of a permanent sit down company? Chicago
6. True or False? The cast of Lysistrata Jones recently had a coaching session with an MBA Hall of Famer. True

Delta Audience Rewards Trivia Questions

22 October, 2011

Here are the latest trivia questions for Delta:

1. The current Simba in Broadway’s The Lion King has been in what other Broadway production? Les Miserables
2. When Billy Elliot closes on Broadway, how many years will it have been playing (approximately)? 2 1/2 years
3. The tour of The Addams Family has been changed from the Broadway production – new songs, new plotpoints, etc. True
4. The office building in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying is on what street in NYC? Park Avenue
5. When Gary Coleman died, the various Avenue Q shows performances that evening were dedicated to the actor’s memory. True

1,000 Delta SkyMiles for the SkyMiles Shopping Assistant

14 October, 2011

American, United and USAir have their toolbars, Delta is getting into the game with what they call a shopping assistant.  So what is a shopping assistant exactly?  Well according to Delta (or actually it is according to whomever runs the SkyMiles shopping mall) it is a browser extension which will alert you to miles earning opportunities from search results in Google, Yahoo and Bing.  In addition, you will no longer need to use the shopping links in the SkyMiles shopping mall, the shopping assistant will credit the miles automatically if you go directly to the merchant’s website.

So how do you earn the 1,000 miles?  Well there are two steps.  First, you must download and install the shopping assistant.  After it is installed for 30 days you will receive 500 bonus miles.  If you purchase $250 worth of merchandise through the shopping assistant before 31 December, 2011 you will receive another 500 bonus miles.

Originally learned from The Traveler’s Loophole

Audience Rewards and Miles

12 October, 2011

As you probably all know already, miles and hotel points are not the only games in town.  Broadway shows (and shows not on Broadway in other cities too) have showpoints for buying tickets to shows.  After you earn so many showpoints you can redeem them for theatre rewards.  As interesting as this is (and I do not mean to belittle it because I am sure there are plenty of people who want the points for this) shows is not what we are all about here.  If you register, you do not need to earn showpoints.  You also have the option of miles or hotel points.  Specifically, Delta miles and SPG points.  For a while USAir was also participating but they seemed to have quit for now.  Possibly until the grand slam is over.

If you want to earn miles, you can do so by purchasing theatre tickets but also from answering trivia questions.  Each question is worth two miles.  Yes I know this is not a ton of miles but every little bit helps, they prevent expiry of your miles and most of all… it is free and takes maybe 2 minutes of time.  For those of you who know about Broadway, these questions are likely easy for you.  For the rest of us however, there is a cheat-sheet.  In the interest of full disclosure and not wanting to take credit for someone else’s research, I am not the one to look up the answers usually, I get them from a milepoint thread and repost them here so for those of you who subscribe in the rss, twitter or email will get the answers automatically delivered to you without having to go through milepoint to find it.  I will also include the link for the questions in all the posts about them so you don’t need to go find it.

In order to participate you of course need a Delta or SPG account but also an Audience Rewards account.  You then link them together and when you answer trivia they automatically post.  It usually takes about a week or so.

The questions I currently have are for Delta Skymiles.

1. The Mountaintop takes place in what setting? A hotel
2. What actor directs the current Broadway play, Relatively Speaking? John Turturro
3. True or False? Most of the cast of the new Broadway revival of Follies remains the same from the regional production this past summer at the Kennedy Center. True
4. Who wrote the libretto and part of the lyrics to Porgy and Bess? DuBose Heyward
5. True or False? Avenue Q made Entertainment Weekly’s Top 10 of the decade in 2010. True

More Verizon Miles Shopping Mistakes? Now it is with Delta

14 August, 2011

Well this seems to be the story (or the mistake saga) that won’t end.  Instead of 83,000 miles for a pair of headphones like the AA version, now it is 2,300 Delta miles for a $5 phone charger.  Gary over at A View from the Wing is covering this in much more depth than I will be but it is interesting to see what will happen with it all.  In addition to Gary, the Points Guy has his own commentary on it.  I am not really a huge Delta flyer so I am not going to hop on for the miles even if it is only $5 or so to get in on it.

As I do find it interesting that it is 2,300 miles offered after some people from the AA mistake supposedly received an email offering 2,500 miles as a consolation.  To date I have not received any email at all about this from Cartera so I really do not know if it is even true.  Gary had discussed a few days ago about the level of trust in mileage shopping malls.  Since it is not always immediately clear who is providing the miles, the vendor, the mileage shopping manager or the airline directly.  Also, the impression given either intentionally or not is that the offers are made by the airline.

He goes on further to address the issue of which offers can really be trusted and which ones cannot be.  Especially after Cartera seemed to give the impression that they are not really obligated to give miles for anything according to their terms and conditions.  While this is likely there to protect themselves from unintentional mistakes, it could be used to justify a deliberate posting of high mileage offers only to later deny them as an effort to increase sales.  I am not saying that this is definitely what happened but it is a possibility worth thinking about.  The fact that Cartera is quite slow/stingy with posting miles (if they even post at all) even when it is only $1 or $3 per mile through their toolbar or their shopping links does not really inspire confidence in the offers they make.  In contrast, I must say that every promotion or mileage offer I ever received through AA directly has always been honoured and been honoured rather quickly.

Audience Rewards

9 August, 2011

Okay, okay… this is about miles and other travel related points and such… so who cares about points for Broadway shows and other theatre stuff?  You do!

Let me explain why you care… because in addition to gaining showpoints… you also have the ability to earn USAir or Delta miles or Starwood Starpoints.  This can be done two ways… either by actually buying show tickets in certain cities (currently only; New York, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, Charlotte and Durham participate) or through answering trivia questions.  Granted the trivia questions will get you maybe 10 points or miles a week but it is is good way to prevent your miles from expiring.  Also if you are into theatre shows in those cities you could also use the show points for tickets and discounts instead of miles if you prefer.

Here are the links:




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