SPG and USAir Audience Rewards

1 – True or False? Both of the lead actors in Bonnie and Clyde have previously been in Broadway shows. True
2 – Patti Lupone’s first Tony nomination was for what show? The Robber Bridegroom
3 – The musical director of Godspell also was the music director for which of the following shows: Next to Normal
4 – True or False? Seminar is making its world premiere on Broadway. True
5 – In Spider-man: Turn Off the Dark, the Green Goblin dies by falling off what? The Chrysler Building

US Airways
1 – In Spider-man: Turn Off the Dark, Arachne becomes what to Spiderman? His Guardian
2 – True or False? Patti Lupone has never taken part in a repertory series on Broadway. False
3 – What performer in Godspell also wrote a musical that played on Broadway? Nick Blaimere
4 – Jeff Calhoun was an “unbilled choroegraphic consultant” for what Broadway show? Taboo
5 – Jerry O’Connell gained fame as a child for starring in what movie? Stand By Me
6 – When was the Walter Kerr theatre built? 1921


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