SPG Audience Rewards

1. What is Mrs. Wilkinson’s daughter’s name in Billy Elliot? Debbie
2. True or False? The Walter Kerr theatre was built in 60 days. True
3. Brooke Shields in from where? New York
4. What theatre is Bonnie and Clyde playing at? Schoenfeld
5. True or False? Billy Elliot on Broadway won all ten Drama Desk Awards it was nominated for. True
6. Seminar is playing at what theatre? Golden Theatre
7. Aside from Rock of Ages, what other Broadway show has Mitchell Jarvis been in? Fiddler on the Roof
8. True or False? The leading lady in Lysistrata Jones on Broadway is the same one who played the role in the Off-Broadway production. True
9. What is the love song duet in The Lion King called? Can You Feel the Love Tonight?
10. True or False? Spider-man: Turn off the Dark had out of town try outs before coming to NYC. False
11. (20 points) Currently, which of the four main characters was NOT played by an actor originally involved with the Broadway company in Million Dollar Quartet? Jerry Lee Lewis


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