AA Shopping Verizon Offer Continued

As you may remember, back in August, there was an offer for 80,000 miles or so for purchases from Verizon Wireless which was not honoured in the end.  Cartera Commerce (the ones who run the shopping portal) offered the people who tried to use the offer 2,500 miles for their trouble and then another 2,500 miles for a purchase through the shopping portal within 30 days.  As you probably know, this offer generated a new round of humming and hawing from those who wanted something better.  I am not going to touch on the issue of whether or not the offer was sufficient since I think that has been settled, I do however wish to give an update about how the offer panned out.

Given the fact that I have almost always had great problems with mile posting (or purchases even being recognised for that matter) with the AA shopping portal, I was shocked to find that… the second 2,500 posted.  I did not need to email them or anything.  In fact, they posted a few days before I received the email notification from them.  Needless to say I am rather impressed.  It does not change the fact that I am still unhappy that many of my purchases and yahoo searches have still not posted nearly 10 months after the fact in some cases, but for this brief moment I am rather happy with them for doing as they promised they would.


One Response to AA Shopping Verizon Offer Continued

  1. My points posted too. Even better, I returned all of my Verizon purchases to Cartera and received a check for the full amount plus my shipping expenses! So, for 0 out of pocket cost (but a bit of hassle) I received 5000 AA miles. I’ll take it!

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