1,000 Delta SkyMiles for the SkyMiles Shopping Assistant

American, United and USAir have their toolbars, Delta is getting into the game with what they call a shopping assistant.  So what is a shopping assistant exactly?  Well according to Delta (or actually it is according to whomever runs the SkyMiles shopping mall) it is a browser extension which will alert you to miles earning opportunities from search results in Google, Yahoo and Bing.  In addition, you will no longer need to use the shopping links in the SkyMiles shopping mall, the shopping assistant will credit the miles automatically if you go directly to the merchant’s website.

So how do you earn the 1,000 miles?  Well there are two steps.  First, you must download and install the shopping assistant.  After it is installed for 30 days you will receive 500 bonus miles.  If you purchase $250 worth of merchandise through the shopping assistant before 31 December, 2011 you will receive another 500 bonus miles.

Originally learned from The Traveler’s Loophole


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