Audience Rewards Trivia and USAir

Well it seems USAir has resumed their participation in the Audience Rewards trivia.  I am not certain about this but I do not believe that the miles earned from trivia questions will count towards the Grand Slam promotion unfortunately.  If anyone knows differently please let me know either by e-mail or as a comment.

Here are the current USAir questions and answers:

The main issue at the heart of Memphis is based on what topic? Racism
True or False? The Mountaintop marks Angela Bassett’s debut on Broadway. False
True or False? The Marquis Theatre is NOT decorated throughout to look like a run down, about to be torn-down theatre for the current production of Follies. False
In Avenue Q, Christmas Eve’s character is what ethnicity? Asian
Besides Relatively Speaking, what other Broadway show has actor Steve Guttenberg been in? Prelude to a Kiss


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