Audience Rewards and Miles

As you probably all know already, miles and hotel points are not the only games in town.  Broadway shows (and shows not on Broadway in other cities too) have showpoints for buying tickets to shows.  After you earn so many showpoints you can redeem them for theatre rewards.  As interesting as this is (and I do not mean to belittle it because I am sure there are plenty of people who want the points for this) shows is not what we are all about here.  If you register, you do not need to earn showpoints.  You also have the option of miles or hotel points.  Specifically, Delta miles and SPG points.  For a while USAir was also participating but they seemed to have quit for now.  Possibly until the grand slam is over.

If you want to earn miles, you can do so by purchasing theatre tickets but also from answering trivia questions.  Each question is worth two miles.  Yes I know this is not a ton of miles but every little bit helps, they prevent expiry of your miles and most of all… it is free and takes maybe 2 minutes of time.  For those of you who know about Broadway, these questions are likely easy for you.  For the rest of us however, there is a cheat-sheet.  In the interest of full disclosure and not wanting to take credit for someone else’s research, I am not the one to look up the answers usually, I get them from a milepoint thread and repost them here so for those of you who subscribe in the rss, twitter or email will get the answers automatically delivered to you without having to go through milepoint to find it.  I will also include the link for the questions in all the posts about them so you don’t need to go find it.

In order to participate you of course need a Delta or SPG account but also an Audience Rewards account.  You then link them together and when you answer trivia they automatically post.  It usually takes about a week or so.

The questions I currently have are for Delta Skymiles.

1. The Mountaintop takes place in what setting? A hotel
2. What actor directs the current Broadway play, Relatively Speaking? John Turturro
3. True or False? Most of the cast of the new Broadway revival of Follies remains the same from the regional production this past summer at the Kennedy Center. True
4. Who wrote the libretto and part of the lyrics to Porgy and Bess? DuBose Heyward
5. True or False? Avenue Q made Entertainment Weekly’s Top 10 of the decade in 2010. True


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