Student Universe

28 October, 2011

For those who are students and eligible for this, Student Universe has a promotion for $30 off flights to Asia and various discounts for flights outside the US.  Find the details here.

USAir Audience Rewards Trivia

27 October, 2011

Constantine Maroulis is from where? New York
The original Spiderman comics were written by whom? Stan Lee & Steve Ditko
The women in Lysistrata Jones are what? Cheerleaders
In what year did the movie version of The Lion King come out? 1994
True or False? None of the three Billy Elliot’s in the original production had ever been in the London production. False
What was the first show that Rob Ashford directed on Broadway? Promises, Promises


Best Buy Reward Zone Audience Rewards

27 October, 2011

Here are the latest:

  • How many shows has Constantine Maroulis been in? 2
  • What is the name of Spiderman’s love interest? Mary Jane
  • What is the central sport in Lysistrata Jones? Basketball
  • The song “The Circle of Life” is the opening number of what show? The Lion King
  • True or False? In the London production of Billy Elliot, all 3 Billy actors appeared in one performance for one night. True
  • The chorus of The Addams Family play what characters throughout the show? Addams Family ancestors

SPG Audience Rewards Trivia

26 October, 2011

The latest SPG Questions:

  1. What is Mrs. Wilkinson’s daughter’s name in Billy Elliot? Debbie
  2. True or False? The actors in Relatively Speaking are NOT responsible for knowing more than one role. False
  3. Aside from Rock of Ages, what other Broadway show has Mitchell Jarvis been in? Fiddler on the Roof
  4. True or False? The leading lady in Lysistrata Jones on Broadway is the same one who played the role in the Off-Broadway production. True
  5. Daniel Radcliffe was how old when he made his Broadway debut? 19
  6. What is the love song duet in The Lion King called? Can You Feel the Love Tonight?
  7. True or False? Spider-man: Turn off the Dark had out of town try outs before coming to NYC. False

Delta Audience Rewards Trivia Questions

22 October, 2011

Here are the latest trivia questions for Delta:

1. The current Simba in Broadway’s The Lion King has been in what other Broadway production? Les Miserables
2. When Billy Elliot closes on Broadway, how many years will it have been playing (approximately)? 2 1/2 years
3. The tour of The Addams Family has been changed from the Broadway production – new songs, new plotpoints, etc. True
4. The office building in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying is on what street in NYC? Park Avenue
5. When Gary Coleman died, the various Avenue Q shows performances that evening were dedicated to the actor’s memory. True

Live Chat with VP of Hyatt Gold Passport Programme

21 October, 2011

on 9 November at 7 pm (Mountain Time) Milepoint is going to have a live chat with Mr Jeff Zidell who is the Vice President of the Hyatt Gold Passport programme.  Milepoint is taking questions to be submitted to Mr Zidell here, and more information is available here.

AAdvantage Award Tickets on JAL

20 October, 2011

From Gary over at View from the Wing: As you know American and JAL are partners in the OneWorld Alliance.  Between now and 1 November, 2011, American is offering a 50% discount on flights to Tokyo Haneda from San Francisco and to Tokyo Narita from Vancouver.  This only applies to non-stop flights however.  In addition there is a double miles promotion for some code share flights on JAL.

Mileage Tracker Sites in the News

19 October, 2011

I recently wrote about different mileage trackers a few days ago.  Now, these services (or to be more accurate, the service they provide) are in the news.  The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Southwest and American Airlines have sent cease and desist letters to some tracking websites.  The airlines assert that it is they not the frequent flyer member who owns the miles and the passwords to access those miles.

The way these tracker services work is that they “scrape” the data from the airline website in order to present it to you in the tracker.  The airlines say that this is a security issue.  Others who are familiar with the story say that while the airlines are probably concerned about security, it is only a minor concern.  The major issue for the airline is revenue.  If you go to AwardWallet or GoMiles to check your mileage balance, you do not see the ads, fare sales and other products that the airlines are pushing on their sites in order to up sell people to other products.  Instead you will see the ads from the tracking service.  Of course if you are running a web browser with ad blocking installed, you may not see any ads on either site.

This debate brings up some interesting issues though.  First… who owns the miles?  Second, if the airlines own them, how much can they assert this ownership and control before a backlash from customers occurs?

Mileage earning Debit Cards and Bank Accounts

19 October, 2011

In the past year we have seen a number of mileage earning options disappear. 

First it was Chase ending their gravy train promotion of 25,000 Continental Miles with the opening of a bank account and using their Continental debit card. 

Then later this year Chase announced that it was ending the Continental Debit Card programme, along with the United Mileage Plus Debit Card programme.

More recently Citibank has decided to end their AAdvantage Debit Card programme.

The underlying reasons for the discontinuation are not the focus of this discussion, that can be addressed another time.  The topic I am trying to get across is that while credit cards will likely continue to earn miles for years to come, what about people who don’t have credit for various reasons (bad credit, no credit history at all, newcomers to the country, etc…)?  The debit cards and bank account bonuses provided a means for mileage earning which has now disappeared.  Yes there are mileage shopping malls and dining programmes and surveys for miles but the cards were arguably one of the most convenient ways to earn the miles we all wanted.  I am curious about thoughts others have on this and if they see other possibilities to take the place of debit cards sometime in the future?

Mileage Running in the News

18 October, 2011

Well it seems that the idea of mileage running has gotten some attention.  While I have never actually done it myself, I have checked out how some people do it.  Maybe I will do it someday but not any time soon.  I would encourage you all to check out the story though because it is rather interesting and they explain much of the rationale behind it.

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