Up to 80,000 Bonus Priority Club Points

Priority Club has a promotion where you earn 500 bonus points per stay between 15 September and 31 December 2011.  In addition to the 500 bonus points if you stay at more than one brand the points may be multiplied by up to 4x.

For example, if you stay at a Holiday Inn 4 times you will receive 2,000 bonus points (500 points for each of the 4 stays), if you stay at a Crowne Plaza 6 times you will receive another 6,000 bonus points plus at the end of the promotion you will receive an additional 8,000 bonus points because you stayed at two brands.  This multiple brands will be up to 4 brands to make 4x the bonus after the promotion ends.

For those earning miles, the promotion is similar with 100 bonus miles per stay up to 16,000 bonus miles.


One Response to Up to 80,000 Bonus Priority Club Points

  1. jason says:

    Just to clarify, i usuallry stay a lot of night at HIE but if i spend one night at three other brands, it will be 4X all my stays? Correct?

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