Travelling Tools

Something I generally use quite a bit while travelling is a service called DropBox.  I have this installed on my computer, my blackberry and even my itouch (even though I rarely use it there).  Essentially, it is a file storage system which syncs across every machine you install it on.

After you sign up for the service you receive 2 gb for free and there are also paid accounts which offer 50 gb and 100 gb.  I am sure if you need even more than this, they probably have some sort of paid arrangement.

In my case I just signed up for the free version.  I find the service useful for accessing files I do not want to store on my blackberry but which I might potentially use from time to time.  Also it is good for students because it is a space which can be used to store copies of passports, visas, tickets, etc… so that they can be replaced more easily if a problem ever arises.

After signing up for the service, you can earn additional space by referring people to the service (full disclosure, if you use the link to Dropbox on my site, I will receive the referral credit).  You can earn 256 mb for each referral up to a maximum of 8 gb.  If you are a student you can earn 500 mb per referral up to 16 gb extra.


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