GlitterGate (AKA AA Miles for Verizon Mistake)

I must admit I did not come up with this name, I stole it (while giving credit) from Rick over at the Frugal Travel Guy.  I am not sure it should be glittergate though… since the glittery things were only one option… it began with headphones and also included palm charging stations amongst other things.  So maybe mileage mall gate…

Terminology aside for a moment, AA is backing away from it all (also stolen from Rick, but linked here).  Not that this is a shock.  I know Rick thinks that AA will suffer for this in bad PR, and their online shopping lost his business but I think he may be a bit too harsh here.  First of all, it is not clear that this error was intentional.  I am not a lawyer, nor do I pretend to be one, but from that I have seen and read, there is nothing to believe it was an intentional ploy to drive sales.  As a result I do not think it is fair to totally exclude them from future business because of this.  If Cartera had reneged on a non mistake miles award, I would find that to be much more reason to huff and puff and blow their house down.  This however was not the case… they reneged on an offer which we all knew was a mistake but we could not give up the idea of possibly getting miles out of it.  Sometimes these mistakes are honoured so it was not a bad idea to jump on.

Now that it is over however, and now that it is clear that the parties involved know it was a mistake, and there was an offer made for some miles.  On top of this… we can return the items for a full refund.  MOVE ON TO THE NEXT DEAL!!

The longer we dwell on this the more greedy we seem and the less of a chance conditions will be favourable for another great deal to happen.  As one deal ends another one opens… but pigs get slaughtered.


One Response to GlitterGate (AKA AA Miles for Verizon Mistake)

  1. DJP_707 says:

    How can you say this over? Most of us who ordered have never been officially contacted by AA, Verizon , or cartera to tell us we won’t be getting any points. T&C say miles post in 4-6 weeks (which in my experience is generous for aa mall) The real fun will start when the points don’t post and we start negotiating for a just settlement.

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