AAdvantage E Shopping Mall Mistake?

So there has been this discussion about the glitter holders, the headphones and the Palm chargers which were being sold by Verizon Wireless though the AA Shopping Portal.  I am not sure what they advertise with normally for the miles per dollar but yesterday they were linked to 83,000 miles.  Now this was almost certainly a mistake, I cannot see any reasonable way someone can claim that it was intentional. 

So over at FlyerTalk there were people buying loads of this stuff hoping to get millions of miles for it.  Yes I will admit I jumped on the bandwagon and got the headphones.  Yes they cost more than on Amazon but unlike the palm chargers, etc… I will actually use them so if I get the miles great… if not I still have some headphones I would have used anyway.  Granted if there wasn’t the even slight possibility this would be honoured I would have definitely gotten them at a lower price.  The headphones will arrive tomorrow through free 2 day Federal Express delivery but the miles will take weeks, if they show up at all.  Anyone else go for it and see what they could get or am I way too focused on miles with everything and just spent too much for some headphones?


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