Delta American Express Promotion

So I was checking out the AMEX Delta card.  I never fly Delta and I already have an AMEX green so I sort of saw no reason to ever apply for this thing…  The fact that Delta has the SkyPesos reputation was not helping either.  However, they have this little promotion now where you receive a different offer depending on various things.  So I took my shot to see what happens.  It was for 35,000 miles, two free skyclub passes and something else I don’t remember but it couldn’t have been too important because I don’t remember it.  So I actually applied for it… low and behold I was approved instantly (unlike Citibank which makes me call them before getting approved).  While this could be useful for something jetting around the US, I do not see it as the beginning of changing my loyalty from American.  For those of you who regularly fly Delta though, this could be a good deal for you.


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