25,000 OnePass Miles

This has been around for a while but in case anyone does not know about it yet, Chase has a bank account offer where opening an account, signing up for the OnePass debit card and using it 5 times will earn you up to 25,000 miles.  The miles are in two parts, 10,000 for the first qualifying purchase and 15,000 are after 5 purchases or setting up direct deposit.  It is possible to sign up for an account which is free with $1,500 minimum balance or 5 debit card uses each month.  The added benefit is that with the card you are able to check one bag for free when you fly Continental.  I am quite amazed to see this as a debit card reward and not a credit card reward.  This specific offer lasts until 31 December but the terms did say that they limit you to one bonus per calendar year.  This invites the possibility of “churning” bank accounts.  Before I start promoting this practice I am not sure if there is any adverse effect of this or if it is even allowed.  Regardless, the link for the account promotion is below, be sure to refresh the coupon code so that you receive a unique one.



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