US Mint, Priority Club and GoMiles

Yes I know, I am becoming more of a shameless promoter of GoMiles but… recently they redesigned the user interface.  The good news is that everything fits into the web browser window much better now.  Also, they have added new programmes to the site.  The bad news though is that the numbers in the bar graph of how many miles you have are so small that they are nearly impossible to read.  Granted, this could be due to my resolution settings and not have anything to do with GoMiles settings at all but it is also not a deal breaker.

In other news, I did finally order some coins from the US Mint for the miles.  They are actually turning out to be quite handy.  Instead of sending them right to the bank to pay the credit card bill (and thus completely violating the spirit of what he mint is trying to do with making these coins available with free shipping), they are allowing me to “get miles” for some things which I would not ordinarily earn miles on.  A good example of this is paying tolls.

Finally, the Priority Pointsbreak list is out.  This is the list of hotels where you can redeem 5000 points for one night free.


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