Priority Club Anywhere Challenge

Well the Priority Club is keeping up its tradition of innovative promotions to earn lots of points without actually staying in one of their hotels.  This time they are promoting their feature of using Priority Club points to stay in any hotel even non Intercontinental partner hotels.  So for this challenge, they are giving pictures of scenes from around the world with new hints 4 days a week and a more complete picture each time a new hint comes.  This is to run for 8 weeks.  The first three have been Aruba, Nepal and Alaska.  Of course the rules say that you must be specific about where the scene is from so you cannot just say Alaska, you must say Kanai River, Alaska, USA.  Depending on when you get the correct answer depends on how many points you get for that week.  It can be either 2,000, 1,500, 1,000 or 500.  The game can be found here:


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