So today I received a comment from Michael, the CEO over at GoMiles.com.  The entire comment is under the original mileage tracker post but for anyone who wishes to give them a try during their beta testing phase, they have a referral code for 25 people who wish to sign up.  The code is POINTS-ADDICT-FRIENDS.  As noted by another commenter, no it is not the most fully featured tracker out there and yes there are other trackers which have more programmes, more features, more of this and that… but remember, they are new and this is beta testing after all, it cannot be perfect on the first day and they are not even claiming to be perfect.  Maybe it is the entrepreneur in me but I do want to see them succeed in this and I really think we should give them a chance before we start complaining about what they are missing and dismissing them right off the bat because of it.  Every company began with a basic version of their product which they improved upon to get the reputation they have now.  In this case we can help to create the reputation they have because GoMiles.com is directly asking for our comments, impressions and suggestions.  How often can you say that your suggestion to a company has been directly considered and possibly even implemented?

As a disclaimer for those who may be wondering, I have no personal stake in GoMiles, I am not related to the owners or employees and have nothing monetary or otherwise to gain or lose by them succeeding or failing.


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