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Okay, how many people are sick of tracking miles in a spreadsheet or having to go to each individual website each time they want to check balances or if something posted?  At first, the answer seems to be  After you go to however and try to use it you notice two things.  First, pre-change, didn’t support enough programmes.  Second, post-change, the site layout is not exactly convenient.  Enter…  While it is not the most fully featured mileage tracker out there (after all it did just get started recently and they are making improvements based on user feedback) it has a nice visual presentation, and allows you to track multiple accounts in the same programme.  So if you want to track all your family accounts in one place, GoMiles allows that.  Of course one of the other good news features is that it is free.  They also include an interesting little feature which allows you to view your points balances in terms of number of points or by type of award.  This allows you to see how many domestic tickets you may have on a given airline instead of only seeing the total number of miles.  Now the bad news, since it is new, there are still some small issues to get worked out.  Sometimes pulling the account info takes some time, expiry dates are not on the homepage, nor is elite status (you must actually click on each programme for details to get that information).  While this may not be the most convenient, it is certainly not a deal breaker.  I also like the idea of supporting a new company trying to get off the ground and make its mark.


3 Responses to Mileage Tracker

  1. Jason says: is much better in my opinion

  2. Michael says:


    Thanks for the shoutout and the nice comments regarding, and we’re working hard to make GoMiles the best place to manage all your miles and points. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have other ideas for how we can make the site even better.

    I also set up 25 invites with this referral code, in case your readers want to try us during our private beta: POINTS-ADDICT-FRIENDS


  3. […] so often to see what you have there.  As I wrote about last year in the (woefully incomplete) entry about mileage trackers, there are services which will do this for you.  Since there are quite a few of these services […]

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