USAir Grand Slam and Priority Club Crack the Case Promotions

I am rather excited about the USAir promotion going on.  There seem to be alot of ways to get bonus points without a ton of expense on my part.  I will definately not get the top 36 hits to get the 100,000 miles but I may be able to get a good 20,000 or 40,000 out of it.  Hey… every little bit helps, especially if it is for stuff I was going to get anyway.  The guys over at Flyertalk have worked out a rather good tracking spreadsheet and have found some of the cheapest ways to get hits for the promotion.  I am not sure some of them are worth the expense though even if only $50 or so, unless I was planning to rent a car or stay in a hotel anyway.

Priority Club also sent me a postcard today saying that I was selected (it seems I actually was selected because it is targeted not just sent to everyone) where I can earn 202,000 bonus points if I complete various tasks like complete a survery, subscribe to emails, stay 2 brands, sign up for their credit card, etc…  except for the credit card I will probably make them all so I will be looking forward to 125,000 bonus points sometime soon.


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