27 September, 2010

So today I received a comment from Michael, the CEO over at GoMiles.com.  The entire comment is under the original mileage tracker post but for anyone who wishes to give them a try during their beta testing phase, they have a referral code for 25 people who wish to sign up.  The code is POINTS-ADDICT-FRIENDS.  As noted by another commenter, no it is not the most fully featured tracker out there and yes there are other trackers which have more programmes, more features, more of this and that… but remember, they are new and this is beta testing after all, it cannot be perfect on the first day and they are not even claiming to be perfect.  Maybe it is the entrepreneur in me but I do want to see them succeed in this and I really think we should give them a chance before we start complaining about what they are missing and dismissing them right off the bat because of it.  Every company began with a basic version of their product which they improved upon to get the reputation they have now.  In this case we can help to create the reputation they have because GoMiles.com is directly asking for our comments, impressions and suggestions.  How often can you say that your suggestion to a company has been directly considered and possibly even implemented?

As a disclaimer for those who may be wondering, I have no personal stake in GoMiles, I am not related to the owners or employees and have nothing monetary or otherwise to gain or lose by them succeeding or failing.


Priority Club Anywhere Challenge

27 September, 2010

Well the Priority Club is keeping up its tradition of innovative promotions to earn lots of points without actually staying in one of their hotels.  This time they are promoting their feature of using Priority Club points to stay in any hotel even non Intercontinental partner hotels.  So for this challenge, they are giving pictures of scenes from around the world with new hints 4 days a week and a more complete picture each time a new hint comes.  This is to run for 8 weeks.  The first three have been Aruba, Nepal and Alaska.  Of course the rules say that you must be specific about where the scene is from so you cannot just say Alaska, you must say Kanai River, Alaska, USA.  Depending on when you get the correct answer depends on how many points you get for that week.  It can be either 2,000, 1,500, 1,000 or 500.  The game can be found here: https://challenge.priorityclub.com/

AAdvantage Shopping Mall

19 September, 2010

So about this time last year, the AAdvantage shopping mall was run a bit differently than it is today.  First of all, it was run by a different company and second of all it actually worked fairly well.  Around November or so of last year, it was run by a new company.  Ever since then it has been a bit of a disaster.  Not only it is nearly impossible to get anything to post after following all of their instructions, the customer service people (the email version) are rather nice but cannot really give a solution to anything.  I wonder if I am the only one who has this problem.

Mileage Tracker

16 September, 2010

Okay, how many people are sick of tracking miles in a spreadsheet or having to go to each individual website each time they want to check balances or if something posted?  At first, the answer seems to be Points.com.  After you go to Points.com however and try to use it you notice two things.  First, pre-change, didn’t support enough programmes.  Second, post-change, the site layout is not exactly convenient.  Enter GoMiles.com…  While it is not the most fully featured mileage tracker out there (after all it did just get started recently and they are making improvements based on user feedback) it has a nice visual presentation, and allows you to track multiple accounts in the same programme.  So if you want to track all your family accounts in one place, GoMiles allows that.  Of course one of the other good news features is that it is free.  They also include an interesting little feature which allows you to view your points balances in terms of number of points or by type of award.  This allows you to see how many domestic tickets you may have on a given airline instead of only seeing the total number of miles.  Now the bad news, since it is new, there are still some small issues to get worked out.  Sometimes pulling the account info takes some time, expiry dates are not on the homepage, nor is elite status (you must actually click on each programme for details to get that information).  While this may not be the most convenient, it is certainly not a deal breaker.  I also like the idea of supporting a new company trying to get off the ground and make its mark.

Win 1,000,000 miles

16 September, 2010

For those of you with an iPhone of an iTouch, it seems that both American and Delta are offering the possibility of winning one million miles through their new iPhone applications.

For American, you need to register within the app after downloading it, details can be found here: http://fly.aa.com/index.aspx

For Delta, all you need to do is log in with your SkyMiles number in order to get your entry chance.  The Delta Details are here: https://www.delta.com/traveling_checkin/travel_tips/mobile/iphone/index.jsp

Aside from the possibility of free miles (which is always a good reason) these apps also allow flight searching, booking, flight status, mobile check in and other features that could be useful if you use an iPhone for everything.

Free Priority Club Points!!

15 September, 2010

For those who are completely into the points and miles game this is probably old news but for some newbies there are three quizes which can give you 500 points total between them.  The questions are quite easy and if you don’t know them, the answers can all be found in the details about the Priority Club programme.  Sorry, not giving out the answers outright… I mean, these are free points so we should do the 15 seconds of work to get them.




USAir Grand Slam and Priority Club Crack the Case Promotions

3 September, 2010

I am rather excited about the USAir promotion going on.  There seem to be alot of ways to get bonus points without a ton of expense on my part.  I will definately not get the top 36 hits to get the 100,000 miles but I may be able to get a good 20,000 or 40,000 out of it.  Hey… every little bit helps, especially if it is for stuff I was going to get anyway.  The guys over at Flyertalk have worked out a rather good tracking spreadsheet and have found some of the cheapest ways to get hits for the promotion.  I am not sure some of them are worth the expense though even if only $50 or so, unless I was planning to rent a car or stay in a hotel anyway.

Priority Club also sent me a postcard today saying that I was selected (it seems I actually was selected because it is targeted not just sent to everyone) where I can earn 202,000 bonus points if I complete various tasks like complete a survery, subscribe to emails, stay 2 brands, sign up for their credit card, etc…  except for the credit card I will probably make them all so I will be looking forward to 125,000 bonus points sometime soon.

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