Air Canada changes their tune…

2 July, 2013

Back in 2006, Air Canada announced that they would have a seven year expiry policy on Aeroplan miles.  It was explained as the miles having a “shelf life”.  I never really liked this idea and there was quite a bit of complaining about it.  It seems now that the complaining has had an effect.  Today I received this mail from Aeroplan… Aeroplan

It says that after listening to Aeroplan members the seven year expiry policy has been revoked.  I do not know how typical this is for member feedback to have an effect like this but if this is a precedent, it may be worth giving comments and suggestions to other programmes and seeing what the results are.  In the meantime, I am quite happy that I do not need to figure out how to use up all my Aeroplan miles by the end of the year as I originally thought I did.

Delta Skymiles Debit Card from SunTrust

24 December, 2012

Back in June or so; SunTrust has a promotion where you would earn 30,000 miles for use of a debit card.  While promotions like this exist regularly for credit cards, debit cards which earn miles are quickly disappearing (muchless have generous bonuses) due to the Durbin Amendment from the Dodd Frank Financial Reform Act.  As a result, I jumped on this quite fast.  I did not just get the miles and run, I have still been using the card.  I never realised how much I use a debit card until now.  I am not sure how long this will last but I have a reward I am close to and SunTrust will get me there faster than e-miles or Audience Rewards will.

Audience Rewards Delta Questions

26 March, 2012
1.The director of the current revival of Evita is also the artistic director of what theatre?
Donmar Warehouse
2.All but which of the following people appeared in the movie version of Newsies?
Val Kilmer
3.Dave Stewart of the Ghost writing team worked with what 80’s group?
4.A cover of what Four Seasons song was on pop radio stations in the last few years?
5.What’s the name of the song/dance that Roxie and Velma perform at the end of Chicago?
Hot Honey Rag

Audience Rewards Delta Questions

8 January, 2012

Who will be starring in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying for most of January? Darren Criss
The composer brothers behind much of Mary Poppins were twins. False
The book writer of Ghost is sometimes credited as a completely different name in his screenplays and books. True
End of the Rainbow is about what performing legend? Judy Garland
Chinglish is about a character wanting to open a new business in China. True

Audience Rewards SPG Questions

8 January, 2012

True or False? The New Amsterdam theatre has had many names in its history. False
Glen Ballard, one of the composer/lyricist team for Ghost, the Musical, has written with all but which of the following pop artists: Janet Jackson
True or False? Frank Wildhorn was the first composer to have 3 shows running on Broadway at same time. True
The composer of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying was also behind all but which of the following shows? The Grass Harp
In what city was the premiere of End of the Rainbow? Sydney

SPG and USAir Audience Rewards

22 November, 2011

1 – True or False? Both of the lead actors in Bonnie and Clyde have previously been in Broadway shows. True
2 – Patti Lupone’s first Tony nomination was for what show? The Robber Bridegroom
3 – The musical director of Godspell also was the music director for which of the following shows: Next to Normal
4 – True or False? Seminar is making its world premiere on Broadway. True
5 – In Spider-man: Turn Off the Dark, the Green Goblin dies by falling off what? The Chrysler Building

US Airways
1 – In Spider-man: Turn Off the Dark, Arachne becomes what to Spiderman? His Guardian
2 – True or False? Patti Lupone has never taken part in a repertory series on Broadway. False
3 – What performer in Godspell also wrote a musical that played on Broadway? Nick Blaimere
4 – Jeff Calhoun was an “unbilled choroegraphic consultant” for what Broadway show? Taboo
5 – Jerry O’Connell gained fame as a child for starring in what movie? Stand By Me
6 – When was the Walter Kerr theatre built? 1921

Delta Audience Rewards

22 November, 2011
  • For what show did Alan Rickman receive a Tony nomination?Private Lives
  • Which of the following is the correct way to spell this Broadway star’s name: Patti Lupone
  • What actress was sidelined from some of the previews and the opening night of Godspell due to an injury? Morgan James
  • The opening song of Spider-man: Turn off the Dark is about which character? Arachne
  • The director of Bonnie and Clyde also directed which of these other shows on Broadway? All of the Above
  • (20 miles) Approximately how many minutes of The Lion King were cut from the show in 2010? 9 minutes

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